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Product:  Lutein

Botanical Source:Marigold Flower

Latin Name:Tagetes Erecta L.

Part Used:Flower

Appearance: yellow fine powder

Specification: 5%, 10%, 20%, 60%, 80%

CAS No.:127-40-2

Molecular formula: C30H26O12

Molecular weight: 568.85

Lutein from marigold Asteraceae Tagetes plants raised in a pigment widely used in food additives, also used as a medicinal pigment.


Lutein is obtained from refined marigold oleoresin, which is extracted from fermented marigold flowers. It posseses the characteristics of high-content, stability, bright color, strong coloring, anti-oxidation, safety and so on.

Lutein is the only carotenoid found in retina eye and lens.It can prevent eye-injury, to prevent visual degradation and blind caused by loss of lutein vision,and cardiovascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease and cancer diseases resulted in aging body. It is indispensable component material of the eye retina and  macula, it can prevent the eyes variation of the physical structure and function.  

It is a powerful antioxidant, with the ability of absorbing ultraviolet, blue and simply dissolving the eye-poisoning,so it can be widely used in cosmetic products, fodder, medicine, aquatic products and other industries.


Function of lutein: 

(1). Lutein can protect our eyesight, with the function of delaying eye's ageing;

(2). Lutein has the antioxidant effect, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease

(3). Lutein can postpone early atherosclerosis process ;


(1). Applied in food field, as a kind of natural colorant, adding shine for goods;

(2). Applied in health product field, lutein can replenishes nourients for eyes, and protecting the retina;

(3). Applied in cosmetics field, lutein is used to reduce age pigment of people.

(4). Feed: It is mainly used in feed additive for laying hens and table poultry to improve the color of egg yolk and chicken.

(5). Pigment: Both lutein and zeaxanthin are used as natural pigments because of their orange-red color. Lutein is unstable and will not be used as a food colorant in the presence of other colorants.

(6). Visual protection: Lutein is a fat-soluble vitamin that supplements the body in large amounts to help maintain vision duration, improve visual reaction time and reduce visual damage. For myopia, lutein supplement can delay the increase of myopia.

(7). Cosmetics: It is mainly used to whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection.

**Widely used in roasting foods, dairy, egg products, soft drink, candy, sweet, edible ice, cosmetic,eyedrop and feedingstuff etc.

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